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Conservatory Blinds

Our collection of EasiFIT and PerfectFIT blinds are so easy to install, you can transform the look of your conservatory in minutes. There’s no need for drills, screws or any other tools. Designed to fit any uPVC window or door with a rubber bead they simply click into place with no effort and no fuss. Our EasiFIT blinds have a unique free floating system and can be opened from both the top and the bottom, allowing you total control over light and shade. Our PerfectFIT blinds have an integrated frame that simply slots into place, completely covering the visible glass for a perfect fit every time.

Duolight blinds give you beautiful shading while still allowing a soft glow of light to filter through. Little honeycomb pockets trap the heat to reduce your bills and giving you the perfect temperature all year round. Meanwhile our DuoShade blinds are blackout for even more shading and have a special aluminium lining that reflects the heat back and helps slash your energy bills and keeps your conservatory cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Our PerfectFIT blinds have strong aluminium slats that enable you to choose just how much light you let in and are available in a rainbow of colours to suit your home.

Conservatory Blinds
offercollection from price tag £15.96

Duolight EasiFIT Conservatory Blinds

quotation markOur Duolight EasiFIT blinds simply clip into your frame with the minimum of fuss. No drills, no screws! What’s more, the free floating system opens from the top down and bottom up for incredible light control, while little honeycomb pockets trap the heat for a perfect temperature all year round.

offercollection from price tag £19.56

DuoShade EasiFIT Conservatory Blinds

quotation markDuoShade EasiFIT blinds offer the most incredible savings on your energy bills. These free floating blinds just clip into place without the need for tools and have a special aluminium lining that not only provides blackout protection, it also reflects the heat to keep you warm in the winter and cool all summer.

offercollection from price tag £23.50

PerfectFIT Essence Conservatory Blinds

quotation markOur PerfectFIT venetian blinds allow you to transform your entire conservatory in minutes. The integrated frame simply clicks into place for a perfect fit every time. Not a drill in sight! Available in a host of colours the strong aluminium slats enable you to let in as much or as little light as you choose.

offercollection from price tag £27.95

PerfectFIT Premium Conservatory Blinds

quotation markWith our PerfectFIT Premium range you can give your conservatory an extra special look in no time at all. The integrated frame clips into your window while the choice of wood grains and metallic finishes will give your room a touch of premium style.