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Venetian Blinds

Our collection of venetian blinds is strong, robust and stylish. Whether you want smart and simple colours or textured, faux wood slats the strong aluminium is perfect for any environment. You can use these blinds in your kitchen and bathroom as the aluminium slats are also waterproof and simply wipe clean. Each blind also has a tilt wand mechanism to give you complete light control, perfect for sunny, south-facing rooms.

For additional style and sophistication, we offer a premium range of venetian blinds with a choice of metallic finishes and designs as well as perforated slats that allow a soft filtered light into your home and a view to the outside. Our Synergy range also gives you the option of trendy wooden pelmets for a natural finish and an even more sophisticated style.

Venetian Blinds
collection from price tag £9.70

Studio Venetian Blinds

quotation markFor our Studio collection of venetian blinds, we’ve taken our most popular colours and made them even better value. You get the same tough, aluminium slats, the same robust parts and the most stylish shades all for an amazingly low price.

collection from price tag £14.75

Essence Venetian Blinds

quotation markTake quality aluminium slats, matching cords and robust working parts and you get a superior venetian blind at an incredible price. Available in a range of neutral shades, monotones, subtle pastels and premium colours, this collection is incredibly versatile and looks great.

collection from price tag £17.50

Woodgrain Venetian Blinds

quotation markThis collection of Woodgrain venetian blinds has all the benefits of aluminium with the look and warmth of wood. Looking great in any room in the home these blinds work particularly well in kitchens and bathrooms where they cope with moisture, steam, splashes and grease effortlessly.

collection from price tag £23.75

Grande 50mm Venetian Blinds

quotation markThis Grande collection of Editions venetians contains all of our most popular colourways in wide 50mm slats to give you a strong and stylish look at the window. Robust, practical and contemporary, these substantial blinds will make a smart and sophisticated addition to any home.

collection from price tag £33.95

Synergy Venetian Blinds

quotation markEach blind in our stylish Synergy venetian collection pairs wide 50mm aluminium slats with a smart and sophisticated wooden pelmet. A host of contemporary colours have been carefully matched with gorgeous wood grain to give you an elegant, urbane look.

collection from price tag £19.95

Modra Venetian Blinds with Tapes

quotation markThe Modra collection of venetian blinds offers an innovative and designer look at the window. We’ve selected quality aluminium slats in classic venetian blind colours and added a stunning grosgrain tape for a distinctive and stylish twist.