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Roman Blinds

Made from beautiful soft fabrics our roman blinds are exquisitely sewn to the highest standards. Whether you want traditional and organic or soft and luxurious our collection has them all. There are some wonderful patterns and designs to choose from, be it fun and funky or stylish and chic, our elegant roman blinds will give your home a soft and inviting look.

Faux silks, velvets and chenille offer lavishness and style to your home while our choice of light linens gives your home an organic texture for a classic look. Our choice of voile romans affords a view to the outside while protecting your home from the glare of the natural light. Our romans also come with the option of a blackout lining, allowing you to cosy up your bedroom for a warm and inviting look.

Roman Blinds
offercollection from price tag £18.95

Luxe Faux Silk Roman Blinds

quotation markThis faux silk collection is made from gorgeous fabric that echoes perfectly the look and lustre of silk. In a rainbow of colours and neutral tones, these roman blinds will give your home a decadent look with an elegant and refined finish.

offercollection from price tag £23.25

Luxe Naturals Roman Blinds

quotation markThis stunning collection of Luxe Natural roman blinds contains beautifully textured fabrics in light and neutral colourways for a gorgeous, simple and sophisticated look. Exceptional quality and fully lined these blinds will provide your home with real style and depth.

offercollection from price tag £23.25

Luxe Linen Roman Blinds

quotation markLinen is a natural fabric that has timeless appeal. Organically produced, it has a distinctive look and feel that is instantly recognisable and will bring elegance and charm to your home. With textured tones and classic designs you can use it to create a wonderful, traditional style.

offercollection from price tag £23.25

Luxe Colours Roman Blinds

quotation markInject a colourful vibe into your home with a luxurious roman blind. The Luxe Colours collection features the most popular colours and showcases the very latest trends in home furnishings. What’s more, all our Luxe Roman Blinds are fully lined and of the highest quality.

offercollection from price tag £25.75

Luxe Silk, Velvet & Chenille Roman Blinds

quotation markFor luxurious living this collection of velvet, chenille and real silk roman blinds is the obvious choice. Beautifully made and perfectly finished, these blinds are available in rich tones and opulent colours for a soft and lavish look.

offercollection from price tag £30.74

Luxe Borders Roman Blinds

quotation markThis collection of exclusive border roman blinds will add some real style to your home. From elegant leafy patterns to sophisticated coastal stripes, from light linen fabric to opulent faux silk, these blinds come in a range of patterns and textures each with their own unique designer look.

offercollection from price tag £28.25

Luxe Divine Roman Blinds

quotation markOur Luxe Divine collection of roman blinds combines exquisitely sewn fabrics in decadent colours that will help you create a lavish and luxurious look. Providing you with a soft and sumptuous style, these blinds are the height of sophistication.

offercollection from price tag £24.75

Luxe Stripes Roman Blinds

quotation markStripes in all sizes and styles make up this collection of Luxe Stripes roman blinds. Beautiful soft fabrics with woven and printed patterns allow you to create a smart and sophisticated look at the window perfect for any room in the home.

offercollection from price tag £24.75

Luxe Designs Roman Blinds

quotation markThis collection of patterned roman blinds features both contemporary and traditional designs and in a huge range of colourways. The pretty patterns allow you to finish your home with a flourish to give any room a soft and inviting feel.

offercollection from price tag £24.75

Luxe Fun Designs

quotation markHave yourself a little stylish fun with our fabulously eclectic roman blind collection. In a range of tasteful on trend colours in fabulous coastal scenes, shabby chic farmyard animals and gorgeous exotic designs, these quirky blinds are endlessly entertaining.

offercollection from price tag £23.25

Luxe Voile Roman Blinds

quotation markMade from sheer fabric for beautiful shading and a beautiful view, these Luxe Voile roman blinds are elegant and tasteful. Light and delicate, this collection contains a selection of wonderful textures and tones for a soft and subtle style.