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Guide to Bathroom Blinds

Welcome to our guide to beautiful bathroom blinds. Here you can find everything you need to figure out what made to measure solutions are perfect for your bathroom. You might be looking for something bright and bold, a neutral shade or a style with practical features; start exploring our recommendations below.

roller blind in a bathroom

For Light Control & Privacy

Explore our collection of bathroom Roller Blinds for a sleek and contemporary look. Lots of our light filtering Roller Blinds are suitable for bathrooms where the moisture will slide right off, plus they help to make your space private and light. For a water resistant solution with plenty of design choices, try our Blackout Rollers too.

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wooden blind in a bathroom

For Extra Steamy Spaces

Our Faux Wooden Blinds are designed for hot and steamy bathrooms. Made from a robust PVC, enjoy a durable shading solution that will never warp or bend. With your choice of beautiful grains, shades and complementary tapes, give your home lots of light while keeping your privacy with these gorgeous waterproof Bathroom Blinds.

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roller blind in a bathroom half up

For a 100% Waterproof Finish

Designed with your bathroom in mind, our collection of splash 100% waterproof PVC Roller Blinds are the optimum solution for humid bathrooms. These bathroom rollers are exactly what you need for steamy shower rooms or lovers of long and luxurious baths, offering blackout protection and unbeatable waterproof properties - the moisture will slide right off.

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bathroom roman blinds

For a Luxe Look

Did you know that you can enjoy Roman Blinds in your bathroom too? Soften your space with their elegant look and enjoy their practical features for superb shading and privacy, all year round.

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pleated blind in a bathroom

For Draughty Bathrooms

Our DuoLight & DuoShade Pleated Blinds trap the heat to keep even the coldest bathrooms feeling toasty. Choose DuoShade for the best insulation and blackout privacy or DuoLight for softly filtered light, all day long.

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venetian blind in a bathroom

For Expert Light Control

Our aluminium bathroom Venetian blinds will never rust, so they're perfect for adding a drop of colour to your space while allowing you to control privacy and light.

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shutter blinds in a bathroom

For Strong and Stylish Shading

For a luxurious look at your bathroom window, there's nothing better than our Shutter Blinds. Featuring 100% waterproof fabric and no chance or warping or peeling - they're virtually indestructible. They've also got perfectly formed 64mm slats for both privacy and light.

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