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White Blinds

If, like us, you like things to be pristine and perfect, white blinds are the perfect choice. Plain white blinds are like a blank canvas, so you can let your imagination go wild. They’ll match the porcelain in your bathroom or make a small bedroom feel like a grand open space. You can also use a white blind as a beautiful base for pretty patterns both subtle and bold. Plus, if you decide one day to change your décor, no problem – white goes with everything!

Conservatory Blinds

from £16.45

Blackout Blinds

from £5.85

The Emma Bridgewater Blind Collection

from £18.15

The Laura Ashley Blind Collection

from £18.55

The Tuiss Blind Collection

from £7.25

The Clarissa Hulse Blind Collection

from £25.35

The Scion Blind Collection

from £16.35

The Orla Kiely House Blind Collection

from £18.55

The Voyage Maison Blind Collection

from £21.95

Thermal Blinds

from £8.35